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Last Updated: 23.12.2020

Marriages are a major problem in the Indian context. Divorces in India continue to be the cause of family scandals, and other marriages are still considered taboo. In India, arranged marriages are still standard here, although loving fights are slowly being accepted. For those looking for the right match, there are many ways from the traditional way of finding a suitable couple through a family network to marriage places.

Family Network: All those who are familiar with the established Indian family will understand the impact of the family network in deciding the most suitable match for the future bride and groom. In many cases, girls / boys are under tremendous family pressure to accept family decisions concerning appropriate competition. This traditional family network is not only includes older and older siblings, but also has uncles and aunts, cousins, mother and father relatives, and other members. But as temporal and Western influences are shifting into Indian society, this influential family network is almost on the verge of disintegration, even though it is still largely in rural and suburban areas.

Marriage Ads- Marriage advertisements in magazines and newspapers were a popular way to find a suitable search before the Internet came. This alternative is being chosen by many people, and many famous dailies even have an exclusive section dedicated to marriage advertisements.

Marriage Agencies- Another well-known option for people looking for a suitable match is to register with a reputable wedding agency. In principle, these agencies agree on suitable candidates to satisfy both parties.

Online Wedding Sites- Undoubtedly, Matrimony websites have emerged as the most popular alternative to find a suitable match. There are many reasons for this time of popularity, effort and money, maximum speed, access to multiple weddings and brides, advanced search options, and more. Another advantage of Marriage Places that made it popular among today's technologically savvy absences is the absence of any middleman. There is complete freedom to choose the right match for you.

Matrimonial sites are evolving into a perfect platform where potential brides can get in touch, have online chats, share information and even get along, if all goes well.


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