Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can register the Matrimonial Profile Free on .

On the home page, go to "Login" section, enter your "User ID" (or Profile ID provided at the time of registration) and "Password" in the respective boxes and Click on the "Login" button to login to your account.

Visit :

Click on the above link and enter your "User ID provided at the time of registration ". Your "User ID" and "Password" will be mailed to you immediately.

Visit :
  • The password you have entered might be wrong or you might be having the CAPS LOCK "On". Please check whether the password is entered in the correct case (Upper or Lower).

  • Please ensure that there are no spaces in the User ID typed. For e.g., it should be MM00001 not M M 00001.

  • If you have forgotten your password, please click on the "Forgot Password" link to retrieve the same.

Please click on the below link, you will be prompted to login, and thereafter, you will reach a web page On the page, go to "Add your Photos" section, select your photograph and click on "Browse" there after click on "Add Photos" buttton.

Your photos are secure. At Viewers can view the photos but cannot easily copy or download your photos.

Please use the "Express Interest" or "Send Personalised Messages" button available below the Matrimonial profile page of a member whom you wish to contact.

Please use the "View Simple Profile" button available below the Matrimonial profile page of the member.

As a Premium Member, you can send personalized messages with your contact information, every time you contact, accept or decline a member.